Aspiring to be a Future Data Scientist? Follow these Top Six YouTube Channels

Are you planning to delve into the depths of Data Science and seeking the best platform to be proficient? Here is all you need to know about the most compelling YouTube channels for top-notch preparation.

Aspiring to be a Future Data Scientist? Follow these Top Six YouTube Channels
Youtube channels for data science
Aspiring to be a Future Data Scientist? Follow these Top Six YouTube Channels
Aspiring to be a Future Data Scientist? Follow these Top Six YouTube Channels
Aspiring to be a Future Data Scientist? Follow these Top Six YouTube Channels
Aspiring to be a Future Data Scientist? Follow these Top Six YouTube Channels
Aspiring to be a Future Data Scientist? Follow these Top Six YouTube Channels

Aspiring to be a Future Data Scientist? Follow these Top Six YouTube Channels.

As we know that the universe has set foot in the epoch of big data, a growth of its shortage has also been seen. For a very long time, scientists' main center of attention was data building and its storage. Subsequently, Hadoop and other frameworks have accomplished the disastrous problem of data storage. But today, data processing has taken the center position of concern for scientists.


Data science is the magic potion here as it is the great and bright future of AI (artificial intelligence). The science fiction movies we see can turn into reality with the assistance of data science. At this point, it is essential to acknowledge the value and use of data science in businesses. Also, we will discuss the difference between initial statisticians and data scientists here.


What does Data Science mean?

Data science is used to discover invisible patterns from the raw data. It is a combination of machine learning principles, algorithms, and many other tools as well. People who operate data science are termed data scientists.


Additionally, data science includes many areas such as data analysis, statistics, and scientific procedures. Here, the data scientists examine a considerable amount of data collected from clients' sensors, web, and other things by using various efficiencies and study them.


For expertise professionals, data science is the most encouraging and demanding career trail. To expose the valuable intelligence they have, data scientists should be experts over the whole scenario of data analysis. They need to update the old methods of data examining, programming skills, and data mining.


What is the work of a Data Scientist?

  • Data scientists possess sky-level technical skills. They are outcome-oriented, curious, and fully accomplished with industry-specific proficiency. In recent years, they have become imperative in almost all organizations.
  • They can build a quantitative algorithm to arrange and incorporate vast amounts of information to get their answers and operate schemes in their company.
  • The main focus of data scientists is in data mining, analyzing algorithms, and data warehousing.


Top YouTube channels if you are optimistic towards Data Science-

For nurturing the aspiration of data science, you must initiate your goals by following a few best data science YouTube channels, which are as follows:





From 16 December 2012, it's been eight years for the Sentdex with 1.04 M subscribers. Amazing 1200 videos and script-based tutorials are here for astonishing the data science aspirants. The owner of this fantastic channel is Harrison Kinsley, the creator of many businesses. At the same time, he supports the Python programming language.


At this platform, he provides the best content regarding python programming. This channel includes classes for deep learning, data analytics, web development, machine learning, facial recognition, game development, and much more. All this makes it the best YouTube channel for data science in 2021.



The criteria of this YouTube channel of learning by building projects are excellent. Since 2014, with 3.7 M subscribers and 1260 videos, this channel is doing fantastic in its field. The content of this sensational platform includes videos of machine learning, data science, python programming, and deep learning.


Corey Schafer



This impeccable Schafer YouTube platform is well appropriate for the starters and the experienced as well. The fantastic work of Corey Schafer videos and tutorials has gained 772K subscribers. The content covered here incorporates Javascript, Python, Git, Programming terms, basics of computer science, and data science.


Joma Tech



Amazingly, with 1.03M subscribers, the Joma Tech YouTube channel helps the viewers in software engineering and free data science videos. Going through the facts, Joma Tech tries to provide entertainment with knowledge. His videos are funny and knowledgeable, at the same time. Anyone can't watch his videos without laughing. After getting busy in long and buzzing tutorials, his videos will be a cool-down period for you.

The passion and energy you see in his videos will motivate you for sure, and ultimately, you will love him.


Tech with Tim



The Tech with Tim is a channel with 648K subscribers in the programming and engineering realm. The videos of Tim start from the fundamentals of programming towards the building of ML, AI applications. Other topics of his videos are programming languages and a few other standard pieces of advice.





Josh Starmer started this excellent channel for coaching statistics to his previous co-workers. Initiated on 23 may, 2011, today, this channel has gained 488K subscribers with 199 videos. Being one of the best platforms for acquiring the data sciences, this channel emphasizes machine learning and the theoretical phases of statistics.


The main objective of Josh Starmer behind the initiation of this channel was to clear the confusing image of data science. By the utilization of pictures, he quickly simplified the terminology of all these complex contents. All his efforts and tremendous skills clarified all the doubts and made everything very easy to understand. It is the best YouTube channel for analytics.


Ending note:

Here, in this article, we made you familiar with the popular data science Youtube channels that provide detailed knowledge about a plethora of concepts. You can subscribe to some of these to enhance your data science and related technical knowledge. The best thing is you gain access to all the information for free.

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