Best Open-source Blockchain Platforms

Are you keen to learn more about the finest open-source blockchain platforms? Discover the most exemplary open-source blockchain projects for creating and implementing permissioned distributed ledger systems.

Best Open-source Blockchain Platforms
BlockChain Platforms
Best Open-source Blockchain Platforms
Best Open-source Blockchain Platforms
Best Open-source Blockchain Platforms
Best Open-source Blockchain Platforms

Best Open-source Blockchain Platforms

For nearly a decade, blockchain has been a popular buzzword, and it looks like it is not going to stop soon. This blockchain has gained so much popularity due to Bitcoin, the moderate speed of mainstream adoption. Here, in this article, we will discuss the best open-sources blockchain platform and how it speeds up its mainstream acquisition.


A glimpse at the Blockchain technology-


For understanding the sources more clearly, let’s look at blockchain technology and what it has to provide.


It is an advanced and contemporary application of the distributed ledger. It is for creating a group of linked nodes. Let’s take an example, take blockchain as a Google spreadsheet. The originators spread out this spreadsheet among all their networks, and every performer in this network has a copy of this spreadsheet.


In every transaction, the originator commits a transaction, the full details are taken down on the spreadsheet, and all the users can participate by accessing these details. The most crucial bonus here is that the performer can’t modify this spreadsheet. Other features of blockchain that make it more alluring are as follows:


  • This technology is based on a decentralized manner, which means that nobody can interfere in the modification except for the central authority. However, it allows the user to have a copy and permit access to it.
  • Across the entire system, the foremost authority distributes the ledger, and each user can approach the exact details. Therefore, there will be a negligible possibility of explosion of the point of the catalog.
  • The basic concept of a blockchain network is cryptography. Fundamentally, the destructive mediators can’t interfere in the network except if they avoid the robust cryptography approach available in that.
  • Once the blockchain has been upgraded to the public ledger, nobody can alter it.
  • There is a turn; if users want to insert more data on the network, they can agree. At this place, this is the decentralized attribute as its name Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).


Best open-source blockchain platforms-

It’s time to go back to the topic of which is the best open-source platform. So, let’s have a brief look over the top blockchain platforms.



Source: Quora


Hyperledger is a blockchain-free open-source platform that provides developers with a framework and comprehensive tools to generate enterprise-focused solutions. In the hyperledger, there is a TSC (Technical Steering Committee) who manages to review and approve technical handouts. TSC comprises of chief experts taken from the entire industry, and the commitments in this group of experts are:

  • Decision making
  • Open and clear discussion
  • Processes


Additionally, this committee assesses the benefits given by the members. To ensure a unified codebase for all the projects, this committee works a lot under Hyperledger. There is another authority over and above the TSC that makes serious management decisions.


Enterprise Ethereum

Source: Tokenpost


 Ethereum has played a very massive significant role towards the enterprises. It is a platform that has popularized intelligent contracts. Also, it allows developers to build solutions for blockchain-focused on overhauling enterprise users. Unlike other old public ethereums, enterprise ethereum is permitted for the causes such as Corda, Hyperledger, and Hydrachain.


 Essentially, this network is an application of the codebase of Ethereum, and it helps to create decentralized applications, also known as dApps. When a dApp is created, it will be positioned and tested in the network. Furthermore, due to the intrinsic features of blockchain, nobody can interfere and censor them for any fraud action.


Ripple blockchain-

Source: Containerize


In the group of corporates, payment providers and banks, the ripple blockchain is the most popular. This is because its cross-border payment features are very appropriate in this network. Also, across national borders, the transaction is straightforward.


Rather than individual users or SMEs, this platform is used for big business enterprises. Massive financial institutions have acquired Ripple blockchain as it is effortless and reliable for cross-border payments.


Source: Cryptonewsz


Another most famous blockchain platform is Corda which is business-oriented. Especially since it has the most crucial feature, privacy, it is always concerned about personal details among peers. Therefore, companies using Corda can easily transact their money across the border with safety. The main characteristics of Corda are its smart contracts. There are many languages in which smart contracts can be written, such as Java and JVM. At the same time, the building of the platform, communication and negotiation becomes very easy to manage.


Specifically, Corda is created for all the admirers who want to build a network where the process and details of transactions are very safe and secure, not public. The license of this open-source blockchain is Apache 2.0, adopted in 2016.



Source: Medium


If you want to build and situate DLT (distributed ledger technology) very quickly, multichain will suit you the best. In this source, the tools are at the best performance and scaling. There is no need to learn any other programming language on this platform to create the latest intelligent contract solution. This platform is very compatible with Bitcoin, and the dominant power is its open-source platform.


To sum up-

If you are servicing an e-commerce site, having an open-resource blockchain platform for supporting the clients will be an excellent idea for you.


There are several open-source platforms, but here we have mentioned the best media yet. All these open-source platforms are best as they are full of unique features such as easy cross-border transactions, privacy, and no mediator interference. For extending the functionalities of your site, of course, you can take a look at these open-source blockchain platforms.

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