Best Ways to Sell DevOps Solutions and Win Buyers Over

Marketing a product or service is more complex, and DevOps is no exception. So here are some simple strategies to win over customers and offer DevOps solutions effortlessly.

Best Ways to Sell DevOps Solutions and Win Buyers Over
DevOps benefits for business
Best Ways to Sell DevOps Solutions and Win Buyers Over
Best Ways to Sell DevOps Solutions and Win Buyers Over

Best Ways to Sell Devops Solutions and Win Buyers Over

Selling DevOps as a product to the release and senior management teams might be trickier but not that difficult. The trick here is to win buyers over and convince them by telling them the benefits of DevOps.

DevOps act as a tight junction between the development and operation teams to continue delivering quality software to the management and production team. However, the fact is here; the C-level individual doesn't understand all about the techie stuff.



But they often take care of the bottom lines and how they can benefit from the services. So, for example, if you can convince them that DevOps services can provide them better business opportunities, they will immediately buy the services.

On the other hand, the operational team that works with day-to-day techie staff doesn't care about the management concerns. In that case, if they get convinced by you that DevOps helps to improve the quality of the development software delivery, they automatically embrace it.

There are a lot more interesting ways to sell your services to the DevOps team and organization. So, stay tuned to learn about them here.


Tips to Sell DevOps Solution to Team and Buyers

Here, we'll compile up some of the best ways to sell your DevOps solutions. So, let's read about them.

1.    Engage with DevOps Team

What could be the best way to enhance the DevOps sales pitch? You must be finding the answer right now to the question. Well, the secret of selling the DevOps solution and winning over the buyers is to engage with your DevOps team.

To engage with the team, you need first to tell them how they can build credibility and achieve the three following requirements.

  • Ease down product access: Explain how a DevOps team accesses the product functionality. Tell them the experience they gain after having the services. Give them the idea of full functionality on-premise and SaaS, open-course, and freemium.



  • API Capabilities: Many software users ask questions like API addresses. Tell them whether it is public, easy to access, well-documented, etc. Explain whether it has a growing community of users? Whether most of the DevOps features are exposed via API or not? Last but not least, the futuristic API backward compatibility.


  • Essential Tools Integration: To impress the DevOps team and sell them the solution, you need to show them the spectrum tools that help automate the lifecycle of delivering, developing, and maintaining the software. Explain how they can achieve benefits from the open-source DevOps tools.

2.  How to Impress the Management Team to Buy Devops?



When you need to sell the DevOps services to the management teams and people, you need to practice a bit more. Keep in mind that the management team makes the big decision on its own and holds the team's strings.

Therefore, to sell your DevOps solutions and plan from the same pilot to another, you need to get the C-level approval first. This will make the selling process smooth and quick. Moreover, you need to explain to the C-level individual the cost and changes they need to make.

To sell the DevOps solution to the management team, you need to ensure that you serve them the DevOps business benefits and, after that, technology features. The DevOps business benefits will help you tell them how to improve the development process and cut down the cost to have better software as end products.

The benefits can only be achieved if the management team leverages the DevOps practices and access to the software to continue the delivery releases. Furthermore, you can give transparent visibility, instant access, and control of the development process.

Another significant approach you can follow to sell your DevOps services is to tell them how they can improve software quality and deal with associated risk.

3.  Understand How to Sell DevOps Solution to Release/Operational Team

Compelling the release/operational team is very challenging. Thus, you need to follow the different concepts and follow related ideas such as automation, agile, and standardization. The foremost thing is changing the mindset of the release team.

Because, in many business organizations, IT collectively equates big things and takes weeks and stress around the clock including hours of endless conference calls. So, to impress them, you need to focus on the operation side and stick to big bang things.

Also, focus on telling them failure rate and security threat issues if they don't access the DevOps solution. Try to convince them by telling them or helping them with the software risk failure and explain how the DevOps services help to reduce it with practical implications.

However, the key strategy to keep in mind is that the change is imperative. So you can explain to the release team that they need to make small changes and test changes to get the result in real-time. In addition to this, emphasizing the DevOps solution will help in automating the development process.

They can also leverage automated testing, environment and automated deployments, which help drive software consistency.

4.  Understand What They Need to Have- Conclusion

Selling DevOps services isn't an easy task without knowing the needs of the development team. Therefore, selling DevOps helps to get inside the release team and management. Therefore, to achieve success, you need to understand the goals and concerns to convey to them about the benefits of DevOps. Thus, in this way, you will be able to sell the DevOps solutions easily.

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