Combining Blockchain with AI and IOT: beneficial or not?

Learn why merging Blockchain with IoT and AI is a good idea and benefits various technological fields. Experts agree that merging Blockchain with IoT and AI is a great idea. Let's look at how.

Combining Blockchain with AI and IOT: beneficial or not?
Blockchain with IoT and AI is a good idea and benefits various technological fields

Combining Blockchain with AI and IOT: beneficial or not?

 Whenever we are facing any pain, we trust our doctors because they have the technology. And actually, they never disappoint their patients. The new technology that is flourishing everywhere is AI doctor's assistant. This assistant is very expertly trained and prescribes millions of medicines or doses daily. But, unfortunately, as on a human basis, it is not possible to maintain all the new medical breakthroughs due to the busy schedule.


When a patient complains about any back pain or joint pain, few doctors consult with the AI doc and then prescribe the relief capsules. Furthermore, these AI docs can check your blood pressure if it is going lower or higher.

Source: The Financial Express

Well, here, the most surprising thing is who gives training to these AI docs. Have they done their pharma? How can we trust these prescriptions or data given here without any authenticity? Don't worry; it can be a little over-constructed here; we would not blame you. But at this point, the motive is to make you think regarding AI and IoT. What about the data related to IoT sensor readings and AI-based recommendations?


Here at this place, we are going to connect Blockchain with AI and IoT. We will try to touch on how Blockchain stands to hasten the acquisition of growing technologies AI and IoT. The objective here is to connect the missing pieces of trust needed for companies to admire these technologies at a larger scale entirely.


On the other hand, Blockchain provides a lot of advantages from the combination of these technologies by their applications. So, it's a win-win situation. Let's try to understand the relationships among these three latest technologies, Starting with Blockchain and AI (Artificial intelligence).


Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

In every leading information officer's watchlist, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence have always been at the top. For giving a shape to the latest industries, game-changing technologies are required, which are Blockchain and AI. Both of these come forward with enormous advantages and challenges as well. When publicity and advertising surround these technologies, the result may be observed as brewing the modern-day version of IT. Simultaneously, this amalgamation of AI and Blockchain is pragmatic and sensible at both.


Currently, in a centralized process, AI is for all kinds of purposes and intentions. In this approach, the mediator or intermediaries must have complete faith in the central authority and provide a trusted business result. But to enhance the outcomes, the companies must decentralize the three key features of AI: models, data, and analytics. Here, Blockchain provides the complete trust and confidence that is required for all the end-users. Therefore, they can entirely adapt and depend on AI-based business processes.


Blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things)

Around a billion connected and intelligent gadgets are sharing the technology of IoT. With the enhancement in IoT, businesses and companies can catch data, get predictions from the data, and make judgments based on it. Therefore, the thing which is required the most is trust in the given information. But the actual concern is how we can trust this data and know from where it comes? Moreover, who can validate the authenticity of this data?


Let's take an example, does the weather information arise from a censor in the Atlantic ocean? No, the IoT catches enormous cases and shares the issue with trust. Here, the role of IoT begins. It combines with Blockchain and provides the apprehended data with confidence. There is a vast capability in IoT with blockchain technology that depends on the reputation and protocol of the systems. Only by having a blockchain public key can anyone send and respond to the encrypted data. As a plus, an authentic device can create a history that Blockchain captures.


Taking an instance, smart homes are the most trending thing today. With the connection of IoT, these intelligent homes can bring their actions. In case something goes wrong, the IoT devices connected here can take their steps. For example, if a part is getting damaged, then they can order a new piece.


The utilities of Blockchain and IoT

The demand of today's IoT performers is the safety, efficiency, and security of their data. If the security is weak, then this data can be more vulnerable to the attacker and hackers. These hackers and attackers can easily make this data their victims.


The amalgamation of Blockchain and IoT is opening new doors to decreasing these security threats. These are capable of improving security and increasing clarity for all the mediators. The combination of these fantastic technologies surprises us with immense benefits:

  • Cost-effective-

The cost of the whole system has been reduced due to automation. The transaction authenticity and other steps of Blockchain are responsible for making this system cost-effective.

  • Increased security-

Blockchain is for verifying and permitting transactions only by trusted parties and complete encryption. When the data is transferred from one party to the other, Blockchain is responsible for the security. It maintains transparency regarding the person who is accessing, recording, and transacting. Additionally, Blockchain with IoT enhances security by abolishing the single-point failure system.

  • High speed of data transaction-

The speed of transaction becomes slow with various distributors, suppliers, consumers, and producers. However, with the Blockchain, this transaction becomes transparent and fast as well.


Utilities of Blockchain and AI-

  • Intelligent computation-

If someone is managing the encrypted data on a computer, there will be a massive processing power requirement. AI and Blockchain provide us with an opportunity to tackle these kinds of tasks with more smartness and efficiency.

  • Data shielding-

The safety of data entirely depends on the input of data. With the help of data, the AI captures the complete information and accesses it further.


To sum up-

Multiple dimensions emerge when we combine Blockchain, AI, and IoT. In all the business models, services, and products, the growth of these technologies is commendable. These technologies can be quickly and efficiently used in the censors of cars, trucks, security cameras, and gadgets.

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