Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

Our website is protected under the provisions of “Indian and International copyrights acts.”

India's copyright associated matters are managed by Indian Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1999. United with UNESCO, WIPO, Rome Convention, Geneva Convention, Berne Convention, Universal Copyright Convention and Agreements ensure every person, party, or community adheres to the rules and regulations made in respect to the Intellectual Property Rights.

The provisions for Intellectual property rights aren't limited but regulated/accepted in nationwide countries.

Copyright is effectively assigned to works when an individual, firm or company produces them as per the provisions of the applicable laws.

Our blog website and its content (including label, logo, written work, graphics, images or anything mentioned on our website) are the intellectual property of Trivid Technology Services – the parent company of our site.

Similarly, any person, company, or entity found violating the law regarding copyright or stealing any data from our website may face lawsuit charges.

All content, including but not limited to graphics, text, images, pictures, logo, and advertisements on the website, is copyrighted.

 The company itself ensures that every data it features on its website is accurate, original and does not affect anyone's intellectual property rights.

 As per the Global copyright act, only the authentic printed version and information displayed on a website in respect to their services, products or any offer will be regarded as authentic.

Content published on the website in real-time is neither a modified version of any other website nor reproduced, copied, reframed, or taken from a third-party website. Our company produces original and 100% authentic content, including a website interface that has also been designed by our personal developers, which gives us a full intellectual property right to our website. Our company and its team members have a full right on our website, and we can anytime modify any information on content -wherever required- without any prior notice.

Also, whatever information you grasp from our website is your sole responsibility. We are not liable for any error or inconvenience arising out of the information provided on our site. This even includes inaccuracies or misinformation that our site is not liable for in any circumstances.  To simply put:

  • Any offensive act born out of publication.
  • Any sort of outcome arising out of article writing.
  • Any claim or inconvenience arising out of published information. 
  • Any copyright infringement by contributing authors.
  • Any loss you encounter by relying on the information provided by our site

The verification of every piece of information we have outlined in this copyright policy page is the responsibility of the user to comply with if they are interested in our article, blog post or work.

We also do not accept any legal liability on any information provided through our blogs. At the same time, if you wish to download the displayed material on our website, you can but make sure it is only used for non-commercial purposes. 

If you download anything from our website, then make sure you don't transfer, sell, modify and reuse any information on our website for commercial reasons. Upon finding any glitch, we will be bound to take action against the person violating the terms of this copyright policy. 

You may download materials displayed on these pages for non-commercial use. If you download any information from this website, you agree that you will not copy and reuse it for commercial purposes else our site or its Parent Company Trivid Technology Services will be liable to take legal action against you.

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