DevOps: An Emerging Trend in the Next Ten Years.

DevOps is expanding its horizons and is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace. Learn everything to know about the future of DevOps and how it will function in the coming decades.

DevOps: An Emerging Trend in the Next Ten Years.
DevOps Future Trends
DevOps: An Emerging Trend in the Next Ten Years.

DevOps: An Emerging Trend in the Next Ten Years.

With the growth of DevOps applications, the future of DevOps will be bright. A lot of drastic changes are about to astonish us in the coming future.


According to some research, by 2025, the size of the world in DevOps may reach $12.85 billion. This drastic growth displays a significant acquisition of agile strategies, high acceptance of cloud systems, and digitization of companies for automating business procedures.


Currently, it's no longer only Dev and Ops. It's the second decade of DevOps, and at this point, it has gone beyond product delivery. It has expanded itself so much that it can remove the restrictions between consumers and companies. Additionally, as the companies promote their digitization, the leadership, team mobility, and culture will also move. With this increment, the security will be very high, and the work of DevSecOps will also increase and be more critical. As a result, all the organizations will be more centric towards the value of products and customers.


Before diving into the DevOps future trend, let's understand DevOps better.

 DevOps refers to the blend of information technology and software development. It allows enterprises to furnish applications with speed.

Before the era of DevOps, there was a massive difference between product manufacturing and support. Many reasons were delaying the production. But now, when we look at DevOps, we can easily see the significant expansion and agility in delivering and manufacturing products.


What Does This Mean when we say Future of DevOps?

The massive adoption and implementation of DevOps are about to come in the future. We are going to discuss few DevOps trends in 2021 here:


  • Code will set off as a needed skill-

Recent research says that around 90% of companies will either adopt DevOps or plan for adapting in the future. Consequently, these companies must invest a lot into their DevOps technicians. And as we can see how fast technology is advancing, it would be difficult for these businesses to update and master DevOps skills.


If a company wants to set up its grip on DevOps professionals, it has to focus on the following proficiencies:



Knowledge is something that can be learned or acquired. As the DevOps professionals are already masters in their field, but at the same time, they have to be updated. It becomes a little bit tricky and time-consuming for DevOps professionals to view, understand, and learn all the latest information related to technology.



Unlike knowledge and skill, the potential is natural. You can learn the skills and expertise but becoming potential or capable is a natural thing. The developers and DevOps must emphasize it very much.



Skill comes in nature when you dedicatedly learn it through your training and experiences. DevOps are the ones who use their knowledge in real life and experience on their own.


  • Container technology-

The development and emergence of container technology have been speedy. A wide range of Azure DevOps future scopes and results are here to enhance safety and perform user analysis. At the same time, these containers can be very affordable as the advancement in containerization can be easily seen.


A lot of developers use this container technology and benefit from endless advantages. Furthermore, for getting more security and removing constraints, this container is handy as well.


  • Application security will be more safe and secure-

Today, a lot of companies are adopting DevOps. As a result, they do not have much time for taking overlong security sessions. That is why there is a requirement for an upscaled security testing cycle.


As time is passing, in the future, these applications will have more focus on their security with proper assistance from the security team. A significant increment will be seen in the adoption of DevOps as the budget shifts, and responsibilities of companies are increasing day by day. In the future, companies are going to leverage maximum speed in automation and improvement.


Additionally, we will be able to see developers accepting threat modeling as security. As DevOps is all related to cooperation and in the future, we have to break all the hurdles and modify the security culture at an enormous scale.


  •   Data Science in DevOps evolution-

Many firms and companies have implemented DevOps successfully and enjoy numerous advantages. Due to the majority of custom application development, data science will adopt DevOps procedures in the future.


In data science, it will be an opportunity to remake the existing products by testing them. Combining custom app development and data scientists will become a trend, and they will keep up with many applications.


  •  A combination of DevOps and Agile Methodologies-

Few findings say that DevOps and agile methodologies replace each other or are hostile together. This non-compatibility sometimes results in delicacy and weakness. Subsequently, instead of hostility, these both will complement each other's work at many places.

Bottom Line-

The Future of DevOps is very magnificent, and many companies are going to adopt it very soon. In the coming days, a massive revolution is coming to be seen as this technology is transforming many tools and techniques.

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