Finest AI Reads if Artificial Intelligence is a New Topic for you

Here we have picked up the best reads on artificial intelligence for beginners. With excellent resource material, these books have a straightforward learning approach, while covering all the essential information that you should know about AI.

Finest AI Reads if Artificial Intelligence is a New Topic for you
Are you ready to transform the world with artificial intelligence? These books will surely help to enhance your knowledge and

Finest AI Reads if Artificial Intelligence is a New Topic for you  

If the AI concept is new to you and you need to start from scratch about AI, then here are some of the books that you must read to know in and out of this impeccable new-age technology. 

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1. Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig's Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach (3rd Edition): 

Initially, when you start from scratch, it is difficult to understand the technicalities involved in AI. You should start with less technical content with an overview of AI. This is considered the best book for beginners based on AI due to the simple-to-understand language used in it. It includes topics like game theory, search algorithms, local search planning methods, and multi-agent systems, etc. It is a good book for a fresher and has an overview of cutting-edge AI subjects with an introduction in brief. 

2. Tariq Rashi’s Make your own neural network: 

If you like to have deep knowledge about neural networks, then this is a must-read book for you. It acquaints the reader from A-Z of the neural network in a simple language. It would entail readers to develop an idea and technique to transform it into their own neural network with the use of Python. The book offers systematic knowledge about neural networks giving you comprehensive knowledge of the subject. The book is segregated into three parts, so have a look at the objective and content of every part below – 

  • Part 1- covers different mathematical ideas involved in neural networks. ( mainly contains theoretical part)
  • Part 2- in part two, intrinsic knowledge of Python is given and readers are given tips to develop their networks. 
  • Part 3- deals with a glance at neural networks and codes on Raspberry Pi. 

3. Ethem Alpaydin- Machine learning: The New AI: 

This book has been majorly liked by those with knowledge and interest in computer science. This is a book to know how machine learning has changed our lives over the years and probable changes expected in the future. It includes short and snappy synopsis of machine learning through its evolution, significant algorithms, and real-life examples. It has also brought the subject of data privacy and security to the notice of readers.

4. Max Tegmark’s Life 3.0:   

This AI-based book is ideal for those who want to have an end–to–end knowledge of artificial intelligence. You would find the societal issues, challenges, and unfold information about different facets of AI. It constitutes content on wider and various AI features like machine consciousness, restraints of AI, and all about superintelligence. 

5. Andriy Burkov – The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book: 

The Hundred–page Machine learning book is so far acknowledged as the best book by proficient and renowned AI experts. It is an ideal book for beginners as well as professionals as it throws light on the fundamentals of AI and has practical viewpoints of the author himself who belongs to the realm of AI only. Almost every approach of ML is covered ranging from linear regression to deep learning, boosting, vector machines, etc. Beginners looking to have an insight into the mathematics in machine learning algorithms must read this book. 

6. Marvin Minsky’s -The Society of Mind: 

The author is a co-founder of the AI Laboratory at MIT and has penned many books on AI. This book depicts the mind like a society of minuscule mechanisms. This is a must-read for those interested in knowing about AI and various aspects of the mind in AI time. 

7. Jeff Heaton’s Artificial Intelligence for Humans: 

If you do not have a mathematics background, then this is the book for you. It offers an overview of AI algorithms but readers from a non-mathematical background must have fundamental acquaintance with algebra and computer programming. Readers can have a deep dive into the basic AL algorithm i.e. clustering, linear regression, distance metrics, etc. 

8. Chris Sebastian’s Machine Learning for Beginners: 

The title itself spills the beans about the book indicating thereby a must-read for beginners. It takes back to the old days when AI was a completely new concept and gives a comparison with today’s age. You can get acquainted with the concepts of AI, neural networks, etc as they are stated in detail. The author makes use of simple instances to make the complex math easy for the reader. He has also come up with examples for readers about the changes in the life of human beings with AI and machine learning algorithms. 


 There are many more books that are considered highly informative for beginners like 

Artificial Intelligence: the Basic by Kevin Warwick and Machine learning for absolute beginners: A plan English Introduction that too has been reviewed best for beginners. 

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