How Artificial Intelligence made Smartphones the Smartest of all Time?

The developments in AI and machine learning will shape the future of smartphones. Check out the comprehensive guide to new AI-based capabilities to see what your smartphone can do.

How Artificial Intelligence made Smartphones the Smartest of all Time?
AI made smartest smartphones
How Artificial Intelligence made Smartphones the Smartest of all Time?

How Artificial Intelligence made Smartphones the Smartest of all Time? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the best technology of the century which has taken over the world of technology with a storm. In simple words, quality of life has improved to a greater extent with the ever-improving technology. Artificial intelligence is the term used to describe the ability of machines to enhance the intelligence of a human. It is now a part of every industry including mobile app technology. 

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AI has been in use for quite some time now. From keypad phones to cloud and internet-based generation of the phones to AI-based smartphones available these days, the mobile technology has come far off with more unique and unanticipated features ensuring a great smartphone experience. In the last few years, with artificial intelligence, new features have been added to the phones making smartphones smarter day by day. 


Have a look at some new AI-based features enhancing smartphone technology to another height–


Mobile developers with the new AI technology are coming up with new technology every day. Over 5 million apps have been developed by the developers to give a more customized app experience to users and have taken up numerous situations because of automated learning capabilities. Have a look at some of the real pros of AI on smartphones. 


1. Personalized experience to smartphone users with integrated AI & IoT

The duo of IoT & AI has been doing wonders in giving personalized pleasure to users. Data is collected from various sources of a customer in real-time from the user device. Each usage has commands used in mobile apps. AI is used to influence this real-time data to deliver an improved customized experience to every client.


IoT enabled a reduction in time for development remarkably. AI with IoT justifies proper and right utilization of efficiency. Together they have the potential in delivering much improved, efficient apps and fortify data protection. 

2. Translation services – with the use of AI

Translation apps are highly useful for those touring in a new place or country. But operating on the internet had limitations, as in many areas, internet services may not be available or could be weak. However, AI eradicates the network problem and translated in no time even in the absence of no internet. Similar is the case of interpretation, in which AI does the job of interpreter immediately. Latency in translation and interpretation can be managed with AI. 


3. Face Unlock

Apple launched face unlock. Apple relied upon and used an AI-based algorithm for a face unlocking system. With AI dispensation, the smartphone recognizes the face of the user even in disguise like beard, moustache, goggles, etc. Recently, Google declared a hands-free sign based on the radar to unlock the smartphone through the face. It has made unlocking more swift and simple along with being more secure. 

4. Fastest of all- Visual search technology 


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Searches via text and voice are known to everyone now as every smartphone has a related feature. But new on the blog is visual search. It comes into the picture when you aren’t aware of the name of an object and you are curious to know about it. Go for visual search technology in which all you need is to click the picture of the item and thereby all details about the object can be procured with the search engine doing its job. 


Google lens is an example of it and the smartphone is the finest platform for the launching of this technology. Voice and text search have been found a little slower than visual search. 


5. Improved and powerful mobile app verification 

On one side where AI is being used for real-life experiences, it is also being used illegally for the wrong purpose of hacking. The possibilities of cybercrime have gone up and with every detail on phones now, the threat to security and the need for high tech data security is intense. Predictions have been made for more AI-based cyber attacks ahead. It is now a necessity to have a sturdier cyber defence system. 


Thanks to artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning algorithms which have been highly successful in giving immense security to phone users. This is not all; AI has also been handy in sending warnings of threat to the users in advance. Biometric verification has made your android system completely secured from elements like hacking.


Winding up:

There is no stopping when it comes to the beneficial possibilities of artificial intelligence. It adds more value to the smartphone users as well as brings in good revenues for the app developers and marketers. Businesses can utilize AI for adding more value while consumers can keep on reaping the perks of the technology in terms of user satisfaction.

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