How Data Science is contributing to Administering and Controlling the Covid-Pandemic?

Data science is being used in a variety of fields, including the Coronavirus Pandemic. Learn about the more intriguing aspects of Data Science and how it is being utilized to manage the Pandemic.

How Data Science is contributing to Administering and Controlling the Covid-Pandemic?
Data Science is contributing to Administering and Controlling the Covid-Pandemic
How Data Science is contributing to Administering and Controlling the Covid-Pandemic?

How Data Science is contributing to Administering and Controlling the Covid Pandemic? 

Covid-19, the invisible monster of the century, has caused irreparable damage to human life and the economy of almost every country of the world. Efforts have been on to put a check over the virus and to save humanity from further destruction. When nothing seemed to work from medicines, many types of treatment and protection were concluded to be the only tool.


Data science came up with some relief through information to stay safe and restrict the outburst further. 



Let us have an insight into data science technology and its utility in the time of Covid-19. 


1.  Formulation of accurate and effective strategies 

Do you know decisions taken by the government and strategies formed to have control over the deadly virus are based on the outcomes and analysis of data science of the trends only? The decision of lockdown in your country and area wasn’t abruptly taken; rather it was the further terror of multiplying cases in hundreds and thousands


Data like case trends, mortality rate, admitted rate, trends of daily cases are passed on to the authority, depending upon which it takes the decision. Prediction of cases in future or the third wave that is the news in India is all based on data science.  


2.  Control over misleading information 

This is a real threat that at times has created havoc amongst the general public and social media networks can be blamed for it. During this pandemic phase, social media has been irresponsibly used in spreading excessive information which may mislead study or conclusion to be derived thereof.


But gratitude to machine learning, a driven analytical tool that has the feature of recognizing untrue information and can help us to maintain our peace and harmony in the panicking time.


3.  Effectiveness of medical practices during the time of virus  

This phase has been equally painstaking for doctors too not just because their survival was at risk but the treatment too was a concern for all of them. Treatment has evolved manifolds as earlier doctors relied on Hydroxychloroquine, plasma therapy and now its remdesivir and dexamethasone.


Data science is keeping the doctors updated as to which medicine or treatment is working and what not based on the data of patients, the treatment offered to them and how many people are recovered. The job of analyzing is done by data analytics that has the expertise and is best at studying and deriving conclusions based on data.


4.  Monitoring the movement and contact tracing 

Currently, every country of the world is probably using data science through an application that is to be downloaded by the user on their phone. It gives updates about the safety of the individual and possibilities of getting infected based on his movement. South Korea, India etc are using such data science-based applications for tracing the possibilities of infection concerning location.  


Data science has not just been a lifesaving tool in combating Covid-19 but is giving its invaluable guidance and information for vaccination programs too. Have a glimpse in brief as to how the data tool is used for vaccination too.


Data Science in Vaccination Stage 



All of a sudden, the entire world started to look for immunity and the development of antibodies in them as it looked like the only effective way to conquer the deadly virus. Thanks to scientists who in such a short period came out with the antibodies generating vaccines.


Vaccines have been a great relief for every human being as chances of survival of mankind on earth have increased now. Data science is being used here too and entire information regarding vaccination from across the world is accessible through it only. 

  • Who should be vaccinated first- It wasn’t a sympathetic decision to vaccinate senior citizens first. A detailed study of data revealed that folks over 60 years were worse and most affected during the first wave in 2020 with a very poor recovery rate. This is the reason why they were the first to give immunity with a vaccine after trial.  


  • The efficiency of Covishield vs Covaxin or Pfizer vs Moderna- There have been mixed reviews for a range of vaccines available in the market against Covid-19. Which vaccine is more effective to date and which hasn’t given up to the mark results are revealed by analysis of dataset by data analytic.


  •  Covid-19 vaccine distribution - We all know post-trial, the vaccine supply was bound to rub short, and soon it became available for the general public. But with data science, it was concluded that where the vaccine distribution should be maximum and where it should not be done rapidly. 


The bottom line:

Sufferings of current time would be hard to disclose accurately in future but conclusions of mistakes, learning and achievements can be summed up easily in future too with the tool of the age, the data science. Next generations will know about our present more accurately than we do through data science.

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