How is China Contributing to AI’s Future?

In the approaching decades, China appears to be conquering the domains of Artificial Intelligence. Do you want to learn how? Here's everything you need to know about China's AI contributions.

How is China Contributing to AI’s Future?
Artificial Intelligence in China

How is China Contributing to AI’s Future?

There have been various commitments made by China, and some have even been fulfilled. It seems that China aims to lead the world by 2030 in Artificial Intelligence, leaving behind the US, their opponent. 

The State Council of China aims to be the global leader of AI in terms of research by 2025, at any cost. By 2030, the State Council wants China to become the leader for both research and technological departments. Working upon its aim, China did leave behind the United States by providing more papers on AI from 2011 to 2015, but they lacked behind in the aspect of the quality of their published papers. According to certain estimates, China is on its way to take up around 21% of the world’s data by 2022 and more than 30% by 2030.

They are coming up with some innovative ways of automating processes and controlling machines more efficiently. Its wish to be at the top has to make some premium advancements under this technology. These small or big steps will ultimately contribute to AI’s future enhancement. 

Chinese technologies, scientists, and researchers have worked more efficiently as compared to those of other places. This can be said so because the amount of work the people of China have brought up to the world in the past 5 years is more than that done by the researchers of other leading countries. So the question that will China lead AI by 2030 has some solid support and the Chinese are giving it their all to turn their dream into a reality.

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AI advancements are highly going to contribute to the betterment of the world as it is extremely beneficial in different domains like health care, transportation, human resource, e-commerce, etc. The countries that will be able to explore and dive deep into this area, are surely going to gain a huge amount of benefits from it. 

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of AI-powered products like industrial robots, etc. Along with this, it also has the largest internet users which definitely have the potential to become clients of AI. This increases their demand in the international markets and provides them with opportunities to expand. This in turn helps in offering collaboration work between China and the global market. This again fuels the growth of AI in the world market. 

China has focused its development processes of utilizing AI in areas that are not only feasible but also reduce the human workload a lot. Some of them have been discussed below as well.

Smart homes and smart vehicles are one of their top priorities. They just don’t want to offer designs for homes, offices, apartments, malls, etc based on AI but also use the technology on appliances related to academics, healthcare, security, environment, entertainment, and much more. 

Adding more exciting features to self-driven vehicles like fully accurate maps, smart sensors are also on their wish list. 

Smart security solutions with image recognition and biometrics will be a reality soon. They are working to make smart robots that have the ability to work under dangerous conditions with complete precision, reducing the danger to human life. 

Apart from looking after other such domains, they have not forgotten the core AI technologies like deep learning, machine learning, information processing, etc. Now they want to focus on the quantity as well as the quality of research and publications they make.

China’s Contribution to AI: What we can Conclude?

Every coin has two faces and the same is in the case of China’s contribution to the future of AI. There are a few challenges that it might have to face. As discussed earlier also, they need to enhance their quality of work as far as research and publishing papers are concerned. 


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