Industry Use Cases of DevOps

DevOps' productivity has been generally recognized, with no downtime being the preferred option for many. Here's all you need to know about DevOps' real-world applications.

Industry Use Cases of DevOps
DevOps Benefits
Industry Use Cases of DevOps
Industry Use Cases of DevOps
Industry Use Cases of DevOps

Industry Use Cases of DevOps 

The productiveness of DevOps is realized after almost a decade or more. But now there is no stopping as it is the prime choice of companies of all industries these days due to the remarkable benefits rendered by it. Cutting down the cost and time-saving are some of the features for which DevOps is relied greatly on by the business realm these days. 


Let us have a look at some of the real-life use cases of DevOps to give more clarity about its increasing popularity which must be due to its efficiency. 

Real-life Applications of DevOps                        

1.  DevOps in Network Cycling

 DevOps enables to confirm security via automation and monitoring daily, which was possible quarterly only. It also made possible easy and quick detection of flaws and decree. DevOps facilitated use and testing much faster. With the aid of design and deployment, a new version of network cycling is introduced recently. 


2.  DevOps in Car Manufacturing Industries 


DevOps lends a hand of assistance to automotive manufacturers to pick up the pace in the manufacturing of cars along with extenuating the challenge of failed software releases. People are always looking for an advanced feature and its communication is possible with DevOps only. The DevOps experts also aid car manufacturers to trace errors during production. Car manufacturers of Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Uber, BMW, etc. are having a competitive edge over their competitors with DevOps.  


3.  Computerization Testing Integration into DevOps

Integrated testing of structure done with DevOps helps in saving lot of time and money, along with delivering premium quality work.  


4.  Benefits to Airlines Industries


DevOps has been of great aid in the transformation of the Airlines industry not just in normal but has been of immense help in the Covid-19 outbreak. The touch-free experience at the airport at the time of checking bags or boarding has been possible with DevOps only. 


5.  Online Financial Trading Company

The whole process of automation in the financial trading company involving testing, building and development took just 45 seconds after deployment of DevOps which otherwise involved working days and nights. Due to the immense reduction in time, the owners of the trading companies got interested in DevOps. 


6.  Rabobank used DevOps for Bug drop


Thanks to DevOps which has succeeded in cutting down bugs in the pre-production phase by almost 40%, whereas overall reduction of bugs is evaluated to be 35%. DevOps benefits were well enjoyed by Rabobank as it succeeded in rendering ace quality applications to their clientele within a short period. 


7.  Keybank for Less Time for Integration

Another revolutionary use of DevOps changed the fortune of Key Bank by reducing the merger of security and other compliance from almost months to less than a week. The jaunt of Keybank with DevOps commenced around 2015 when a few members team of infrastructure decided to collaborate with the online delivery team of the bank to provide its customers with a completely new banking experience in the shortest time. Test automation and containerization trimmed down the process which normally used to take months into just a few minutes. 



The world’s biggest e-commerce company in 2001 earlier followed traditional monolithic architecture where all progressions were integrated that ran on one service. Due to the increase in the source file, the scaling, maintaining and upgrading of applications on physical servers became difficult. Developers like GitHub, AWS code Deploy were used to eradicate its issues of bugs, code control, deployment and software release.


Amazon also made use of Apollo to deploy a particular set of software. Whereas practices like infrastructure-as-code and configuration management aided Amazon to monitor and bring about changes in the software. Such implementation assisted Amazon to be on the top spot. 




Photoshop, illustrators, and lightrooms are some of the software applications extended by adobe. It enabled users to work on distinct software applications on its adobe creative cloud. But as the load increased on its various applications, integration was a tough task then.  


Also, communiqué between Adobe services was straight to point due to monolithic architecture. Microservice, containers and CI/CD were the DevOps based tools used by it for its makeover. 



In the present age, every organization is in need of DevOps for peaceful execution and quicker testing to cut down the investment of time and money.

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