Knowledge and Skills Required for Becoming a DevOps Engineer

DevOps necessitates a specific skill set and knowledge that can be acquired over time through proficiency. Here's everything you need to know about DevOps' skill requirements.

Knowledge and Skills Required for Becoming a DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineer

Knowledge and Skills Required For Becoming A DevOps Engineer


DevOps engineers are a very valuable part of an organization. Jobs related to DevOps are going to increase significantly in times to come. They have a very crucial role to play in the success of any company and are very essential in the software world.


If it is a completely new term for you, then let us begin by discussing more on DevOps engineers. DevOps is a mixture of IT operations and software development life cycles. It is like a compliment to the Agile Methodology and aims at making the entire process automated, accurate, and quick. Thus, DevOps engineers should have a vast knowledge about Development Lifecycles, and provide efficient solutions to businesses in terms of cost, time, and effort. They are supposed to be dealing in testing the applications and managing servers as well.


Many newbies are intrigued by this field and are quite interested to enter into the world of DevOps. So here we have discussed some of the skills required to become a DevOps engineer and how you may work upon yourself to enhance your knowledge and skills that are already present within you.


Let us begin with the most obvious part, which is the programming language.

Python is one of the most prominent languages of today’s market and learning it leaves your paths open to explore more about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and much more. Coding is an endless process whose efficiency talks about its quality so with changing time, your ability to learn should also remain. Flexibility is also something that you need to show continuously. In fact, it will make you an ideal candidate for any profile.


Software knowledge

Knowing Linux is also another very important skill that is expected from a DevOps engineer. Linux is an operating software that is open source and has amazing features such as scalability and customizability. Linux allows us to create dynamic development processes and there’s no better freedom than this. Thus, DevOps and Linux go hand in hand.


Another foundational skill that you should have the knowledge to work upon is the public cloud. The few most common examples of public cloud servers are Blue Cloud by IBM, Azure Microsoft Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), etc. There is a lot that you can learn by using their tools.


Technical and soft skills

One should be aware of some major concepts of DevOps methodology. There are several stages in the DevOps practices and each stage has a variety of tools that you ought to know. You will be developing and modifying source codes very frequently among your team members using Github, etc and this comes under the stage of Source Code Management.


Apart from technical knowledge, good soft skills are also expected out of you. One such skill that is going to be really helpful is that of collaboration. Working in teams with the spirit of teamwork in mind is extremely essential.


Configuration Management is also another stage. Chef, Puppet, etc. are some of the most common tools. Continuous Integration of codes into simpler ones is done. The continuous monitoring and testing of applications using tools like Splunk, TestComplete, etc help in making the entire process more efficient and effective.


Technical Support and Maintenance skills are generally ignored by many, but they have their own individuality and importance. Now that you know that DevOps aims at making the development cycles faster using codes, etc there are chances of the high risk involved in this process. Thus, one needs to be cautious enough to ensure proper security of applications while maintaining a decent processing speed as well.


Communication skills are a well-known factor that needs to be involved in every aspect of life. The same is with the case of the DevOps engineers. They also need to work in a collaborative manner with the rest of their teammates and it becomes very essential that you are able to express yourself properly. You should have the ability to understand your needs and requirements and express them to others. Inefficient communication can cause conflicts and confusion in the proper functioning of the entire system.


The most important skill is to keep learning a new skill. The curiosity to learn new things, be it any domain or field is very essential and is going to take you a long way. You should always have the urge to learn new things and this would allow you to stay updated with the latest trends as well.



Here we have discussed various skills and knowledge that would help you in dealing with the day-to-day pressure in the life of a DevOps engineer. So if you are a new learner, you can explore a lot and get a kick-start with all these skills. Prior knowledge of all these topics is going to be really beneficial for all developers in the town. In short, you should have a heart for coding, slight knowledge of clouds, and DevOps tools with lots of curiosity, and the ability to learn new things. Happy Learning!

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