Machine Learning is a part of your daily life. Let's know-how!

No domain has been left unserved by machine learning, and its automated features have made day-to-day operations easier. This page is dedicated to the real-world applications of machine learning.

Machine Learning is a part of your daily life. Let's know-how!
Machine Learning is a part of your daily life
Machine Learning is a part of your daily life. Let's know-how!
Machine Learning is a part of your daily life. Let's know-how!
Machine Learning is a part of your daily life. Let's know-how!
Machine Learning is a part of your daily life. Let's know-how!
Machine Learning is a part of your daily life. Let's know-how!

Machine Learning is a part of your daily life. Let’s know how!

Machine learning is an integral part of even the life of a common man as unknowingly we use plenty of applications that are ML-based. And it has hence, simplified our lives in various manners. To have an insight on our dependence and increasing utility of machine learning, go through underneath content which contains some of the common and real-life examples of machine learning implications. 


Ads for shopping on your phone 

 Often we browse on an e-commerce site and leave it into the cart or just log out. After some time you see all those and similar kinds of stuff whenever you are online or using social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, etc. in Google ads. Is someone stalking you? No, it's machine learning by using which Google finds out your search history and suggests user ads. 


Google Map on Mobile phone 

Google Maps is probably the most commonly used machine learning-based application lesser known by a common man. Assistance given in the form of traffic alerts and directions is given by ML. The lady guiding you about the distance to be travelled, turns you need to take, and traffic alerts are through machine learning technology only. How does the lady know everything about the best route and time to reach your destination?


Historic data of the route, inputs by people using it presently and some ploy techniques are adopted to guide you until the destination is reached. All those that use this technology give access to their location, the route they are travelling on along with the average speed of the vehicle in use. This huge data about the traffic and route is collected by Google and enables it to predict the traffic and guide the users about the best route to take on. 


Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

Above are social media platforms that we are sure every one of you must be obsessed with. Have you ever thought about how Facebook provides automatic friend tagging recommendations on aforesaid platforms? Facebook makes use of image recognition and face detection to trace out the individual’s identity based on its database and therefore recommend you to tag that concerned person through DeepFace. It is the project that recognizes the faces and comes out with their identity. 


Booking a cab for yourself (Uber or Ola)

Who isn’t using apps for cab bookings? The major segment of the urban population is found booking cabs and enjoying easy booking.


How do you know the location of the cab? How does it give you choices of locations, etc? It is all due to machine learning and in this case, personalized services are extended to every user. With the machine learning algorithm using historic data and patterns, a good percentage of accuracy is seen in pickup and delivery points. 


 Alexa, Siri, Google assistant – virtual assistant 

The concept of virtual assistant was new and truly enjoyed by even the common man and of course, was a boon for those lethargic folks who hated to type on their smartphone or other devices. Virtual assistants assist in fetching your information asked either by text or voice instructions. Have a look at some of the major applications of ML-

  • Speech to text Conversion
  • Text to speech conversion
  • Speech identification
  • Natural language processing. 


Cars not needing drivers- self-driving cars 

This is one of the most loved and appreciated applications. Now those who used to get tired due to long driving can enjoy the scenic beauty or just have leisurely time in the car. Have you heard of Tesla? It is a self-driving car and various features of the car are based on machine learning. 


Google Translate

Google translate came up as a solution when you visit a new place with a different language and often a problem is faced by visitors in understanding or reading new lingo on hoardings, milestones and of course the people. But GNMT, the Google Neural Machine Translation, has a rescue in this case as it comes up with the translation of uncountable languages and dictionaries. With natural language processing, it comes up with the accurate translation of any language into the language you are versed with.  


Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hotstar- most used applications during Lockdown 

These are not new to you and in fact, are common as well as most used applications. These entire online video streaming apps have their own set of audience and are ruling the national and international platforms. Data of activities of users are procured by it through machine learning only.


Data of how many times you take a break, what kinds of movies or videos you have searched for or seen, what time you usually watch and when you take a pause, your scrolling and browsing behavior etc, is taken into account and conclusion is derived after analysis of the database. Such data of every subscriber is collected and machine learning applications are used. 


The bottom line: 

Machine learning is the most popular technology which is not just confined to businesses only. It has simplified our lives immensely and is expected to come up with more innovations in future.

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