Privacy and Security: Don't try to mix them up

There are two major aspects: privacy and security, yet their meanings are completely unrelated. Learn how privacy differs from security and why both are important.

Privacy and Security: Don't try to mix them up
Privacy and Security
Privacy and Security: Don't try to mix them up

Privacy and Security: Don't try to mix them up

If you know that tomato is a fruit, then you have the knowledge, and if you do not mix it up with fruit salad, you are blessed with wisdom. Likewise, people know privacy and security but knowing their great difference is the real wisdom. Although these both are related to the safety of anyone's corporate, public, and personal information, they still have a vast difference.


Many times, privacy and security overlap each other while connecting the world. This overlapping is the reason why people take these both as the same field. Instead of their similarity, we can say that they relate to each other. In terms of cyber safety, having both of them is not a bad idea. But how do they contrast with each other?


When it comes to privacy, it is the right that you use to protect your personal information. For instance, when you download an application on your mobile phone, you read some privacy policies. These privacy policies are for the maintenance of your privacy.


On the other hand, security is the way of safeguarding your details. Mainly, it is the safety of different hostile forces.


Let's discuss the difference between privacy and security deeply. Getting aware of these differences will certainly assist you further in the protection of yourself.

What do you mean by Privacy?

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Privacy is the ability of a person or a group of persons to confide their details and then disclose them when required. All this refers to the fact that privacy is a subject of important and sensitive information. The privacy zone clashes somewhat with security and inserts a concept of safety and appropriate use.


In the corporate world, a person can have his secret information to enjoy a few profits. Public figures can apply rules and regulations in their interest. In case the personal information of anybody is shared and misused, then the outcome will be identity theft.

What do you mean by Security?

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Security is the freedom of getting safety from some possible harms that any person can bring out. Security is the subject of any person, ecosystem, institution, and any other entity which is vulnerable to any unwanted change.


Safety from several aggressive forces can be named as security. Many other aspects are also related to this, such as containment, harm absence, flexibility against damage, and much more.

The security term relates to other objectives as well. These objectives are cybersecurity systems, remote guarding, security forces, companies, and security cameras.

The Difference between Privacy and Security-

Some cybersecurity products are helpful for the privacy and security of your data. Keeping these both at the same time is the quality of these cybersecurity products.

Let's take the example of VPN. This acronym VPN refers to a virtual private network. A VPN is like a subway for your details and browsing activities on the internet. It encrypts all your data that you send and receive on your mobile phone, PC, or laptop. When you use a VPN, nobody will know your activities on the internet, it doesn't matter at what place you are. The VPN assists you by two methods which are as follows-


Privacy: Whenever an internet website, service provider, or cable company will try to track your data and your history, then VPN helps you by blocking them.

Security: It safeguards your personal information and data from the access of any other person. 

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Privacy is related to someone's identity protection.

Security relates to someone's data protection.


Example: Privacy can record a patient's health in any hospital and can be accessed by only a few people, such as nurses and doctors.


The doctors and nurses secure a safe path to converse with their patients without sending mail.



As privacy is related to personal data, it gives any person a right to safeguard his/her personal information.

Integrity, availability, and confidentiality are the three major principles of security.



Without security, one can't accomplish privacy.


It is easy to accomplish security without privacy.



It isn't easy to specify privacy as the information of the user can be very much secured.


Whereas security is the protection of any unauthorized attack on the information.




Few Precautionary Measures for Privacy and Security-

As we have drawn a line of difference between privacy and security. The residue here is the few preventive measures that anybody can implement to safeguard their privacy and to get away from security violations. Here, we have represented a few steps that you must take to certify your privacy and security.

  • For beginners, it is advisable to contact only those businesses and companies that know the value of their client's privacy. They must use futuristic measures for the safety of your data.
  • Many hackers are using new criteria of getting your personal information by sending links in the email. You must identify these malicious links as these can be phishing attacks. Therefore, never try to open the link if you are suspicious about it.
  • People on social media feel very pleased while sharing their details on social media. You need to understand where you must not reveal your details. Simultaneously, there is a need to keep your accounts private on these platforms.
  • This fact needs to be listened carefully; never connect your mobile phone to public wifi as they are away from security measures and inclined with security violations.
  • While shopping from online websites, you must read the privacy policy there. This single step will keep you aware of their collection and use of privacy.


Overall, it may be said…

In today's ultra-modern life, it has become impossible to have complete control over our personal information. As a result, privacy and security on the internet are the two major things that help us in doing so. All we can do is, doing everything cautiously while browsing and shopping online or doing other activities.

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