Renowned Brands making billions and beyond via Big Data

Luxury brands can use big data to discover and interact with affluent customers. How are brands using Big Data to grow in leaps and bounds? Let's delve into the secrets of success.

Renowned Brands making billions and beyond via Big Data
Companies making Big with Big Data
Renowned Brands making billions and beyond via Big Data
Renowned Brands making billions and beyond via Big Data
Renowned Brands making billions and beyond via Big Data
Renowned Brands making billions and beyond via Big Data

Renowned Brands making billions and beyond via Big Data 

Every enterprise wants to make big in its respective realm and these days’ big data has turned out to be the most lucrative technology. 

Many renowned companies have turned their fortune by incorporating the relevant and large data to fabricate and implement strategies for their business for guaranteed returns.

Would you like to know about those companies and how they have turned the tables with the dataset tool to have an edge over their competitors? Just scroll down underneath. But before jumping down, let us recapitulate what is big data. 

Big Data 

It refers to the prolific set of data which is analyzed to get an idea of future market trends,  understanding the tendency of target customers, future preference of customers depending on affecting factors, the risk that may get involved at any slash of the year, etc for better returns.  


Companies making big with big data 


One company that rules the e-commerce world emphatically is Amazon. It knows all about you i.e. what you have searched on, what is there in your cart, your name, address, etc. Don’t be scared as it gathers all details about you through big data only. The data gathered is used to strengthen relations with the customers by focusing on improved customer service which has done wonders for the company. 


Games are no more confined to people of a specific age, time, and location with the evolution of the digital gaming. Miniclip is the famous name of the gaming world as it develops, brings out, and circulates digital games across the world and relies on big data for a better gaming experience for users.  Big data collection, its analysis, trialing, etc aid the company to evaluate the successful or popular elements of their products. Removal of faulty elements and involvement of lucrative elements is done through the conclusion derived from big data gathered by it. 


This is no new name to all of you especially during Covid-19 times as this became the choice of every individual sitting idle at home to stay away from the reach of the deadly virus. It is the online platform and probably the first preference of people from all around for web series, movies, TV soaps, reality shows, etc. They are using the wealth of big data to unfurl the needs and likeness of users as they are versed with the time slot during which particular user is mostly active on Netflix.


They take into consideration things like:

  • Is the film completely watched or if a break was taken?
  • After what duration it was resumed?


Netflix has been using big data to buy the rights of showcasing those contents on it which it feels is going to be a rage. Entire information procured from big data is used to give a customized or personalized experience to each user and this is how it is one of the top digital platforms. 

Uber Eats

Uber has been the uncrowned kind of business of taxis all over the world and adding up more flair to its business was incepting Uber Eats. 

The new business is all about delivering food while driving. It wasn’t easy but big data involve a study of time taken to prepare a meal and normal time during the office hours as well as odd hours when traffic would hinder the speed of the cab delivering food. Uber instructed the agencies to carry any number of meals per ride giving drivers a bonus for the meal to pick up. It set an example across the world that how with the aid of big data and their correct analysis you can have an edge over your competitors.


What is the thing which is always in demand irrespective of everything? It is of course food and is the most unpredictable industry as the trends always show variation. 

To cope with the change is the need for every company associated with this industry and this is what McDonald's is up to. Online delivery and order by other companies from the industry showed adverse effects over it and things got worse with the giving up of junk food. McDonald incorporated big data to find solutions to problems faced by them which eventually helped them to come up with new ideas like a drive-thru, digital menu, etc to get their hold back in the market. 

American Express

American Express is also one of the top companies of the world using big data to study consumer behavior to craft more effective policies and their execution. It incorporated beyond 100 variables thereby relying more on the classy prognostic form. It permitted flawless and precise prediction of customer’s behavior and trends. 

Conclusion in brief

Big data is no more an optional trend, rather is the need that every business must adopt to pick out the thorn from the success of their venture. Big data is a tested and verified technology that is utterly accurate in understanding and predictive the mindset of customers. 

It is vital to opt for it to have the right idea of things that could change the end user’s behavior to maintain stability as well as profitability in your business. 

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