Six Best DevOps Projects for Beginners

DevOps has swept the business world and is expected to continue to do so in the coming decade. Here are some of the greatest DevOps projects for beginners to have a better understanding of the framework.

Six Best DevOps Projects for Beginners
DevOps Projects for Beginners

Six Best DevOps Projects for Beginners

DevOps, a recent trend has taken the world of business by storm. The word DevOps is formed with the fusion of two words, ‘Development’ and ‘operation’ which together have formed a tool called DevOps. It is formed for repeated and mechanized software production and its use in an organization. It elevates the swift development of software applications and services thereon. DevOps confirms great customer experience and empowers the company to compete more stringently in the market. 


In simple words, DevOps reduces the period that normally is taken in development, testing and its usage. Let us have an overview of some of the best DevOps projects that are ruling the DevOps methodology in the present age and are ideal for the novices too. 

Top DevOps Projects



1.  Git  

This is regarded as one of the finest DevOps tools. Linus Torvalds developed it in 2005 but its productivity is realized now in recent times with the expansion of the DevOps concept. It is the software that traces the variation in source code through every juncture of the software development lifecycle. 


It functions on a client-server model having a directory of Git on every computer of the client as a resource of code with the full backup of code and trail of adaptations. The code isn’t dependent on an internet connection. To enable every member of the team to have access to the resource of code, they are hosted on a hosting server. Whenever a new code is formulated, it is sent to the repository where all members of a team can sync it with theirs. 


2.  Ansible

It is an open-source arrangement management that renders task mechanization and infrastructure orchestration. It is immensely useful in zero downtime rolling updates. It doesn’t require any kind of assistance with a software mechanism to get installed on the system of the client. It is built in Python and relies on YAML scripting for coding the playbook. Ansible establishes a connection with the system or machine of the client through SSH or RPC protocol. 


3.  Gradle

It is a worldwide popular and profoundly in–use built automation tool with the special feature of automating builds in various platforms and lingos. It supports C, Python, C++, Groovy and Java. It also extends assistance to numerous integrated development environments. The developing style of Gradle enables it to come up with customized solutions. 


4.  Kubernetes

 It is an orchestration system of containers fabricated for the mechanization of use of containers, its scaling and operation of a containerized application. It was originally developed by Google but now is maintained by Cloud Native Computing Foundation. 


5.  Nagios

It is not an old tool that has gained popularity due to its monitoring potential. It continuously keeps an eye over monitoring applications and servers. And in the event of failure, it informs the team via alerts automatically. The software aids the team to take instant measures to reduce downtime and save the business from its negative effects.


It aids in predicting errors and finding out threats to security in advance. It also is a storehouse of logs of almost all events that failed. It assists agent-based and agentless architecture. Nagios also permits users to build up their monitoring service with the use of languages like a shell script, Python, etc. 


6.  Puppet

Like Ansible, Puppet is also a designing management tool. It mechanizes the phenomenon of infrastructure provisioning, execution of infrastructure as Code methodology. It permits secured and quick use of the application on the platform. 


Winding up

These are some of the highly effective and popular DevOps projects that are profoundly used by the engineers and companies for the DevOps carry out. So, the beginners can opt for them quickly. However, Jenkins, ELK Stack, Docker, and Selenium are equally in-practice as productive DevOps projects that have been widely used across the world. 

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