Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Your access to our blog website is subjected to the terms & conditions as stated below:


Our website, powered by Trivid Technology Services, always strives to share reliable and accurate information – nevertheless, every name, picture, document, information and material (collectively, the "content") – featured on our blog website doesn't warranty that every piece of shared information is best for a particular subject. Our website doesn't endorse any product directly; it is totally up to users whether they want to follow and implement solutions, the information provided by our blogs website. 

Limitation of Liability:

In no event, neither our site nor any of its associated company/website/owner/team members will be liable for any damage if you encounter while using or representing our services. Whether the damage is born out of indirect, direct, incidental or under a contract situation, in no event we will be liable for any damage, e.g., computer virus, data loss, system failure, delay, defect, error, defect and loss of any data arising in connection with our site.  

Use of Website:

Contents we daily publish on our website don't target any specific gender, age or culture. The website is structured for every internet user searching for some helpful information. 

While using our website, You/Users have no right to copy, publish, display, modify, reproduce and resell any content published on our website – in certain events when you wish to do so – make sure you have written consent by/from Trivid Technology Services (parent company).  

Copyrights and Other Intellectual Property Rights:

Except for specific events, where Trivid Technology Services provides you intellectual rights to its websites, all the contents shared on our site, including images, white papers, graphics, icons, logo, and overall appearance of the website is the sole property of Trivid Technology Services. 

Links to Other Websites:

While browsing through our website, you may find links connected to other websites or "third-party" websites that represent a connection between our site and them. But it's worth noting that we have no control over the connected website's usage policy and services. At certain events, if you deal with any issue arising out of third-party connection – linked directly or directly – to our website – neither our website nor any person from its team will be responsible for it. 


We may make certain changes, modifications, and deletions of the information shared in this "Terms & Conditions" page and/or website. We also retain the right to alter and modify information – wherever required – without any prior notice. In case you find any information not fitting your personal judgment, you can either leave our website or contact us: abhay@trividtech.com. 


No waiver by our site of any right under the provision of these Terms & Conditions will be acknowledged as a waiver of any separate or other terms or provision. 


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