Things that prove you have Chosen the Right Career Path as a Data Scientist

Building a career in Data Science is demanding but lucrative. Here are some of the most compelling characteristics of Data Science that will give you confidence in your decision to pursue it as a career.

Things that prove you have Chosen the Right Career Path as a Data Scientist
Future Scope of Data Science

Things that prove you have Chosen the Right Career Path as a Data Scientist

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Data science is a vast domain that is increasing each surpassing day with the rise in data. It allows data scientists to manage, store, and interpret data as per their requirements. So if the question of whether data science is going to be in the future or not, persists in you then, the reply will be a resonating YES!


As per LinkedIn, there has been a humongous increase in jobs in data science since 2015. Glassdoor even had evidence to support the same. Thus, it has an excellent demand in the future.


Before jumping deep into the skill sets needed for a data scientist, it is vital to know the crucial difference between Data Scientists and Data Analysts. These two terms seem quite similar and confusing to an outsized section of the audience.


Let us begin with Data Analysts-

They are supposed to bring out insights from data by analyzing it. They collect and organize data and also tell important information from the data. Technically speaking, they ought to be well-versed in SQL, Hadoop-based analytics with good decision-making capabilities.


About a Data Scientist and his Salary-

Now talking about Data Scientists, they should have good knowledge of programming in Java, Python, or any other language. Knowing about ‘R’ is just like the cherry on the cake for a data scientist. They predict the future from the data of the past and predict upcoming trends of the market. Their predictions are vital for organizations and businesses.


A data scientist in India can earn an average of 698,413 INR, while freshers can earn up to 500,000 INR annually.


Now that we are clear with our thoughts about who exactly a data scientist is, we will specialize in the proper skill sets required to be one of them. To start with, let us mention the fundamentals, that is, the educational qualifications that are required. Data scientists are highly educated and most of them have a minimum of one among the two - either a Master’s Degree or a Ph.D. from a reputational background. The most common degrees that are opted by them are Mathematics and Statistics, Engineering or Computer Science. Apart from classroom learning, they focus on gaining additional skills such as programming, SQL, communication, etc to build an overall personality that is easily desired by others. This is going to be our coming discussion.


An excellent career opportunity for the coders-

In order to line your feet well on the grounds of data scientists, programming is extremely essential. You need to learn to code if you think that data scientist is the right career path for you. To be specific, Python and R programming are the two prominent languages in this world. You can learn any one. R is more preferred in the research field while Python is employed in the business world. So if you love coding, this is one of the right places for you.


Irrespective of the programming language that you choose to learn, learning SQL is something that is going to be very vital for you. It will teach you how to deal with large data from databases. If your interest continues to grow in this, there is no stopping you to become a data scientist.


Data Scientist Career Path-

Dealing with ugly data is also a part of your job. When Data Scraping, Mining, Organizing, and other such things continue to grab your attention then undoubtedly it is the right path for you. Hadoop is also one such skill that you would learn on your way to become a data scientist. Discussing further on the technical skills, Machine Learning and AI are two very essential terms that you cannot ignore. They have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Several people have keen interests in these topics and it includes dealing with a large amount of data again.

Data Visualization wherein you visualize or somewhat summarize your complex results and observations into simpler forms that are understandable by all is very crucial.


Data Science as an Excellent Career Choice-

Undoubtedly, if you are choosing data science as your career, you might be worried about whether you will have a bright future or not. But, you do not need to worry here.

A recent survey revealed that even the pandemic has not stopped the opportunities in data science. 50% of the organizations in data science services haven’t been impacted by Covid- 19, while 41.2% have enhanced their working.

Concluding statement-

There is a high demand for data scientists and many companies are looking to hire these professionals even under unpredictable market scenarios. Data scientists are demanded the most because their expertise brings about measurable and tangible business results.

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