What should you know about the Biggest Cyber Attacks in India?

Cybersecurity is a major concern these days, and it's only getting worse. Here are some of the most heavily impacted areas where cyber-attacks have had a major influence.

What should you know about the Biggest Cyber Attacks in India?
Cyber Attacks in India

What should you know about the Biggest Cyber Attacks in India?

Cyber attack in simple words is an act of battering by cybercriminals to steal data, disable computers, gain information, etc via unauthorized access to one's computer for unauthorized use.  It is a common practice in almost every part of the world. Not just India, none of the nations of the world has been completely successful in becoming a cyberattack-free country.

In the year 2020, India in Asia-Pacific stood at the second spot in cyber attacks. In India on average, almost 3137 cyber issues occur daily. 

As per the words of the cyber security coordinator, last year even when not just India but the entire world was combating Covid-19, almost 375 cyber-attacks were reported daily. Not just due to the Pandemic, but 2020 was a tough year for Indians due to a heavy increase in cyber attacks. Not just private organizations but government organizations too have been victims like the IoT department in India has suffered many times by unknown cyber attackers.


  • Since 2017, 7.9% of breaches in data have been observed in India.
  • In 2018- 22 % increase in cyber attacks on the IoT department were observed.
  • In India, in 2018, due to cyber attacks, the loss caused to businesses was approximately around $500K.
  • India is one of the world's top ten targeted nations in terms of cyberattacks.
  • Cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai are top cities that have experienced the maximum number of cyber attacks over the years.


Biggest Ever Cyber Attacks in India

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There has been no year when India isn't wounded by cyber-attacks, however, there are some which will be remembered for years as India was badly shaken by it and have been the biggest cyber attacks in the cyber history of India. Cutting-edge cyberattack technology may be attributed to the devastating hit by cyber attackers. 

Check out underneath some of the hard-hitting cyber attacks in the country known for its cyber technology and experts-

Cyberattack on UIDAI Aadhaar Software

Detected in 2018, it is one of the biggest cyberattacks in India in which almost 210 websites of the Indian Government having Aadhaar details were invaded by cybercriminals who stole the personal data of 1.1 billion Aadhar cardholders. Data included IFSC codes, PAN number, mobile number details and other important personal details, which if misused, could create havoc in the life of Aadhaar cardholders. The information was available in exchange for Rs. 500 on whatsapp and printouts of Aadhaar of any individual were available for Rs.300.

Cyber Attack on Cosmos Bank, Pune

Cosmos Bank in 2018 became prey to a Cyberattack in which Rs. 94.42 crores were withdrawn from it. The hacker of Pune based bank lacerated the ATM server of the bank and stole the confidential and important details of debit cardholders and Visas. The whole gang of hackers who were located in almost 28 countries of the world withdrew the money on being informed about the hacking and receiving details.

Around 12000 transactions were made with the misuse of Visa card, and out of which, Rs 78 crores were immediately transferred out of the country and the rest of the amount was taken out through Rupay card in India only.

Cyberattack on ATM System of Canara bank

Another bank, Canara bank, soon was targeted by the hackers who worked on their ATM server. A skimming tool was used by the hackers. Hackers wrapped the ATM details of over 300 users and the strength of victims was 50. The amount withdrawn was within 10K to 40K.

Hacking of SIM Cards 

Two hackers deceitfully procured the information of SIM card and stole around 4 crores from various banks of India. Navi Mumbai based hackers blocked SIM cards of individuals and executed unauthentic transactions through online banking.

Hacking of Indian Healthcare Website

Hacking of a healthcare website of Indian origin resulted in the disclosure of records of 68 lakh patients and doctors. This information was disclosed by a US cybersecurity firm, which claimed that the information was used in the underground markets.

Winding up-

Putting a complete end to cyber attacks in India is not feasible at the present moment. However, the organizations and the government could undertake measures to save people’s money and avoid the imminent acts.

Organizations can hire a testing wing during the software development process or outsource cybersecurity services to cope up with the escalating cyberattacks.

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