What’s new in Python in 2021?

Being the best interpreted, high-level language, Python is rapidly evolving and adding new and innovative features. Here's everything you need to know about Python's newest features.

What’s new in Python in 2021?
Python 2021
What’s new in Python in 2021?

What’s new in Python in 2021?

Python is one of the best interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming languages, which Guido van Possum created in 1991. Python is used in various sectors and most popularly in data science and artificial intelligence.

In other words, you can say it is a dynamic language in more than one way. This language is constantly evolving, unlike other languages like C and C++. So, if you want to speed your knowledge of what's new in Python 2021, then you have come to the right place to get this news.

1.   Addition of Structural patterns matching

The month of March is full of exciting and historical moments, especially for Python. That means in the Python programming language, and one more milestone has been added that is structural pattern matching. Moreover, it is now available for testing in the latest version of the alpha release of Python 3.10.0.


This version of Python will be expected to release on Oct 4, 2021, which will bring a significant addition of Structural pattern matching.

2.   Celebrated 30th birthday

Python is now 30 years old means in March, the best programming language called Python celebrated its 30th birthday and became the first open-source technologies to land on another planet.


The actual birthday of Python is on 20th February 1991, and at that time, version 0.9.0 has been released.

Source: Dev.to


3.   Python lands on Mars

In the month of February, the Perseverance Mars Rover successfully landed on Mars after its seven-month journey. However, this Perseverance has brought a wide range of new instruments and scientific experiments that will offer scientists an excellent look at Mars from now. Moreover, it entirely relies on open-source software and also off-the-shelf hardware, by which it has become the most accessible Mars Rover project to date.


As you know, Python is an open-source technology that is living on Perseverance that is used to onboard the rover and also to process various images and videos taken while landing.


Apart from that, another exciting experiment is also carried out by Perseverance that is the Ingenuity Mars helicopter. It is a small drone that is used to test flight in a fragile Martian Atmosphere.

4.   Zipping will be stricter

In version 3.10.0 of Python, the new and optional keywords called strictly have been added to the zip function. That means if you pass strict=True, the value you are Zipping must be of equal length; otherwise, ValueError will be highlighted.

5.   PEP 621 reaches its final status

In 2016, PEP518 introduced a file called project. toml file as the place to specify any of the project-based requirements. But, before this, you can only specify your metadata in only the set.py file. This file causes some issues as executing setup.py and then reading the various build dependencies needs installing some of the other dependencies.


Due to this project,. toml has gained immense popularity in the past few years, and this is why it is widely used for many tasks like black auto formatting to store package configuration.

This PEP621 has been entirely accepted as it specifies how to write the particular project in metadata in the form of a project. toml file.

6.   Removed some backward compatibilities

The support of Abstract Base Classes, also called ABCs, is dropped right from the release of Python 3.10.0 onwards. So, you can say it is an excellent time to stop ignoring various corresponding Deprecation Warnings and adapt the code.

7.   Three new versions of Python have been released.

The day of 3rd May is a hectic day for the Python team as they released three new versions that are 3.8.10, 3.9.5, and 3.10.0b1. But if you talk about Python 3.10.0b1, there are four planned beta released reviews against Python 3.10, which will release in August.

Python will offer an excellent chance to all Python developers to test various features and bug fixes with all these software releases. Apart from that, it also ensures whether their project is supporting new features or not.

8.   Some new features are coming in Django 3.2

Django 3.2 will be released in April 2021, and with this, it comes up with an exciting list of new features. However, one of the significant updates is that it adds support for functional indexes by which various expressions and database features will be indexed.


Apart from that, another significant change is the addition of Admin site decorators that will help streamline the creation of custom display and action features.

The Bottom Line

With time, Python will continue its growth at a high pace. The reason is more and more users are turning towards this language for various professional tasks. So, if you are also interested in making Python part of your job, learn about the Python programming language and be aware of its latest updates.

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