Why is Python gaining popularity as a significant programming language?

As a widely-used programming language, Python has grown in popularity and is expected to grow in the future. Learn about the fascinating aspects of Python and why it is expanding at such a rapid rate.

Why is Python gaining popularity as a significant programming language?
Python Programming Language
Why is Python gaining popularity as a significant programming language?
Why is Python gaining popularity as a significant programming language?

Why is Python gaining popularity as a significant programming language?

Arguably, Python is gaining popularity all over the world. But do you know why it became so popular? One of the main reasons is that it is the prime programming language and an excellent way to learn to code.

Besides that, it offers you so many features and you can read almost every plain English language so that you can even perform complex tasks easily. Additionally, it offers many applications such as machine learning, AI, data science, web development with devices such as Raspberry Pi.

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Want to know more about why Python is gaining so much popularity as a significant programming language? Let us take a deep dive into the post.

Reasons why it is gaining so much popularity

As per the TIOBE index and PYPL, Python is the fastest-rising programming language that ranks at the number three slot.

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Furthermore, the Popularity of Programming Language Index scores this language as the widely popular language, ranking as the fastest-growing language.

Other reasons are as follows:

1.   Python is used in the Internet of Things

With the rising demand for the IOT, the devices are connected to an internet connection that can run the custom code Python easily. Even devices like the Raspberry Pi connected to the multitude of displays, sensors, robots, lights, and many more also allow writing code to set communication between any of these parts.

Many of the devices also support Python and leverage the productivity of Python.

2.   Easy to use and learn

The reason for achieving so much popularity is that Python is incredibly easy to learn and use. Even the newcomers can easily learn the Python language because it has simplified syntax and gives more weightage to the natural language. Due to this, the python code can be more easily executed and written than any other coding language.

3.   Python is contributory in AI and data science

Arguably, Python is instrumental in the machine learning and AI platform. To top of this, Python comes with multiple built-in libraries that offer multiple functionalities that a data scientist needs. In addition to this, it also has the popular Python library, which you can download easily and use in your projects, such as Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, and data visualization.

Hence, Python can perform the advantage in Data Science and AI, which is excellent and a hypothesis to data science.

4.   Python is so adaptable for the web development

What’s more?

Python is gaining popularity worldwide because it is really powerful and versatile for web development. When designing the new web server, Python would act as a great contender for this. Despite this, it lacks the framework and many other languages.

Still, it would be easy to run and productive easier with cloud services like Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc. Python offers frameworks that have two main contenders as Django and Flask. It has a rigid structure that sets up the website easily.

5.   Maximum speed, reliability, efficiency, and versatility

Python language is so versatile, reliable, and highly efficient in working. Besides that, it is relatively faster than any other modern language. This language can also be used in any coding environment and doesn't face any loss issues despite the working platform.

Another significant thing is the versatility of the Python language, which can also be used in multiple environments such as desktop applications, mobile applications, web development, and hardware programming. These things make it more impressive and attractive to use.

6.   Python is highly effective in cloud computing and machine learning

Cloud computing and machine learning are the hottest trends in computer science right now. This helps a lot of organizations to improve the transforms and workflows. After the R Language for analytics and data science, Python is the second most popular language.

Data processing workloads of the organizations are powered these days by the Python language. The majority of the development and research takes place in the form of the Python language, including ease of analyzing and usable data.

Moreover, the Python libraries are also used in many machine learning and computer science projects.

7.   Best to learn coding language

If you're a beginner and interested in learning the coding language, Python is the best to start with and consider Python as the language of your choice. This is one of the easiest programming languages and can be written like a plain English language.

Moreover, it provides common tools to learn the coding language. From game coding to little scripts and robots, there are a lot of things you can learn.

8.   Supportive Python Community

Python has a supportive community of programming languages that mature adequately and allow to support various developers, which are ranging from experts to beginners. Besides, it is an active developer community and one of the best active programming languages that support all types of individuals.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the common reasons for the popularity of the Python language. However, the popularity didn't end here; being versatile, it is an excellent choice of programming language to learn by both experienced coders and beginners from various backgrounds.


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