Will AI Bots Destroy Online Poker?

Bots are becoming more intelligent and acing the game of cards as AI advances and has entered the realm of poker. Here, you'll learn all about what AI can do to your poker game.

Will AI Bots Destroy Online Poker?
AI Bots Destroy Online Poker
Will AI Bots Destroy Online Poker?

Will AI Bots Destroy Online Poker?

The intelligence of artificial intelligence isn’t hidden anymore and it is well evident with the outcome of poker games where AI technology has established its superiority over human intelligence many a times. Do you know why an opponent in the form of AI technology was brought in poker only against human champions?

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It is the inadequate information in the game which makes it highly tedious even for AI and this is why the efficiency of it was scrutinized in poker only. There have been mixed responses amongst the people about the power of poker AI algorithms and human intelligence.


Based on the facts and figures, let us find out who is more intelligent and has been ruling the game of bluff. Also, we will try to find out the impact of AI bots on human players and poker sites. 


  History created by AI after defeating pro poker players.

  • In 2007, the Polaris system was made to play against professional poker champions. The outcome of the game was encouraging for AI players as poker player Phil Laak lost in just 200 hands. 


  • In the poker match between Humans vs. Libratus Poker tournament, pro poker player Daniel McAuley lost very easily and got down over $8,000 in no time and it was a clear and easy win for the AI machine. 


  • Deepstack in the year 2016 succeeded in beating professional poker players in Texas Hold’em poker. In this match, AI defeated 100 professional poker players in 44,000 hands. Deepstack out of 100 won 49 blinds.  


  • In 2019, Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with Facebook AI developed an artificial intelligence program that succeeded in defeating the top-notch professionals in six-player no-limit Texas hold 'em poker, which is the most famous type of poker.  


  • It was named Pluribus which defeated pro poker players Darren Elias and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson. He holds maximum numbers of poker titles and the later one is 6 times the winner of the World Series of Poker event. 


  • Another experiment was conducted with Pluribus in which he played a total of 13 pros and 5 pros at one time. He with overall 10,000 hands won eventually.


But there have been cases when the AI system has lost to professional poker players. It is still not concluded yet as to whether AI entry into poker is good for humans or not. There have been mixed reactions as players, despite losing, felt that AI encouraged them to get sharper and learn more. However, some are still not happy as it may affect their earnings from online poker. 


But currently, the AI system on a whole seems unbeatable with new versions of AI players like Pluribus. This is the reason more and more people are interested in knowing “how to build a poker AI.” Such systems are beneficial to the developers or users of the technology but in general AI’s entry into poker is considered as a threat to online poker and it is being said that in the next few years, online poker games will become extinct or collapse to scratch. The game which is supposed to be played between humans is now played with AI and it is called AI Bots. 


AI poker bots can win you some games, however may lose too some. There is a normal practice nowadays where humans have started using AI bots while playing online poker. It is a threat as online poker sites can’t consistently afford to lose money. 


Effect of AI Bots on online Poker  

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Human players feel that in the next few years from now online poker would not exist and credit goes to AI bots. Until you use the best bots, there are chances of losing your hard-earned money as an average AI might do wonders one day and may fail someday but overall possibilities of being better than the human mind are higher. So if your opponent is using a good system, the chances of losing are more. 


Human beings can’t play round the clock, however, AI bots can. Poker players can get exhausted physically and mentally but these AI bots never and this is the reason online poker sites and players may not be able to cope up with the stamina of it. 


A human being's mislay sense, patience and sportsman spirit soon loses or his strategies go wrong but this emotionless AI bot doesn’t have highs and lows of blood pressure and therefore keeps its calm irrespective of the fortune of the game. Anxiety and fear-free AI bots are programmed to play their best and giving up isn’t programmed in them. This is why they are better than a human being; as a result, are a threat to the online poker game. 


Numerous online poker AI bots would destroy poker sites which should be banned. Many poker sites have lost to AI and have gone bankrupt. Those in the battle with AI bots should hire a good security team which is again an expensive affair. Those online poker sites still on the board are either fighting it out by incurring high expenses while others ignoring it are paying the price. This is why it is expected that AI bots will swallow the online poker game if stringent steps are not taken and the use of AI bots is not completely banned. 



Online poker is at the risk of getting vanished completely if timely strict actions are not taken and the involvement of AI bots is not restricted. 

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